Finding a new editor

We, at JDI, are used to working in vi. When we started 11 years ago, most IDE's wheren't existant, and with 3 people with their own OS and configuration developing locally wasn't an option. So we just shelled in, vim'ed all of our files, and created nice things that way.

Today, when the compay has grown, this isn't an option anymore. People want an IDE, mainly for code completion and debugging. We run multiple OS'ses (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), so everything windows-only isn't an option.

I've looked at three options :

Zend Studio for Eclipse Eclipse Netbeans

Zend studio is buggy, especially when it comes to Remote Systems. Not to mentions it's slow as hell when it comes to importing a remote project. Eclipse suffers from the same problems, and NetBeans is missing remote SFTP support.

I'm trying Netbeans with MacFusion at the moment