Migrating from Xen Citrix to RHEV

Since I've got fed-up with all Citrix bugs (operations that het stuck on locks, resumes not working, etc) and the fact that the're probably going to drop Xen in favor of Microsoft Hyper-V we are going to migrate to RedHat RHEV.

The software installs fine (except for the know issue that you can't register on RHN), but migrating 35 VM's is not something I really like doing. Well, virt-v2v comes to the rescue according to the docs.

Uhm.. Well… not exactly. What the docs don't really mention that it depends on a Xen with libvirt on top of that. And that is exactly what Citrix Xen doesn't use. So, only errors, and no migration.

So.. I'm stuck with a manual migration, using or friends dd and netcat. Bah :(